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Wild blueberries are also no less than a ‘superfood’.

WASHINGTON: While apples are the number one health fruit, experts have now joined the race, especially wild blueberries.

Although apart from apples, dates, strawberries, bananas, etc. also have amazing benefits, but American nutritionist Daniel Crumble Smith says that light colors ie. Wild blueberries have amazing medical benefits.

First, they are high in fiber which provides a feeling of fullness for longer. Then the abnormal amount of antioxidants in it increases the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Several scientific research experiments have shown that blueberries can reduce damage and complications at the cellular level. Then many of its components prevent cancer and keep heart diseases at bay. Overall, the ingredients also prevent physical inflammation.

According to experts, wild blueberries are slightly lighter in color than regular blueberries, but they have double the amount of antioxidants than traditional blueberries. On the other hand, it contains an extraordinary amount of vitamin C, which is very beneficial for skin, hair and nails.

Its many components protect DNA and dramatically lower cholesterol, making these little berries a treasure trove of healing.


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