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US State Department spokesman Ned Price resigned

Washington: Ned Price, who explains America’s foreign policies to the world in daily news briefings, will step down next week.

According to the international news agency, Ned Price will now take up a new role in the Department of Foreign Affairs. He will work directly under US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken.

Resigned spokesman Ned Price served as a spokesman for the CIA as well as the National Security Council under former President Obama.

It should be noted that Ned Price reinstated the daily on-camera press briefing, which angered former President Donald Trump, and stopped the on-camera press briefing, which was reinstated by the new US administration.

Ned Price said in a press briefing that I have resigned, but will continue to give “telephonic” briefings until March 17, but today will be my last “on camera” briefing, while my first briefing was on February 2, 2021. .


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