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The shopkeepers gave a 72-hour ultimatum to the Sindh government.

KARACHI: The Karachi Electronics Dealers Association has given a 72-hour ultimatum to the Sindh government over the theft of mobile phones and cash worth more than 3 crores.

It has been reported that all electronics markets in the city will be closed if the robbers are not arrested and the goods recovered within 72 hours. President of Karachi Electronics Dealers Association Muhammad Rizwan Irfan while holding a press conference along with Haji Nasir Turk and other officials said that the incidents of robbery and street crime in Shahr Quaid have reached a peak. Street crime is out of control. Our vendors are robbed every day.

Mohammad Rizwan said that mobile phones worth Rs 2000 were recovered on Sunday as well. On finding out the location, they came to Manghopir, and informed Mangho police station on Monday, but no action was taken. Similarly, a theft of 35 lakh rupees took place at an electronics shop in Safora area on Sunday night itself.

He said that an FIR will be registered but no action will be taken, so we are giving a 72-hour ultimatum to the government and the police. If the damage caused in these incidents is not repaired, the electronics markets across the city will be closed. We go to the police, they say we don’t have any officers. Is the police there only for the security of the VIPs?, despite the location of Manghopir being traced, the police did not go to the spot.

The business leader further said that the locations of most of the stolen phones were coming from Afghanistan. The Prime Minister and the government do not seem interested. Traders are doing business in spite of continuous difficult conditions, still we do not get protection. It has become difficult for us to do business today. Now we are asking people to keep their licensed firearms because in the current situation we have to protect ourselves.

He said that licensed weapons cannot be used in weddings, now we carry our weapons even after getting a permit. Our markets pay the highest taxes in the city. If the thieves are not caught within 72 hours and our goods are not returned, the markets of the entire city will be closed. He said that the Sindh government has completely failed.


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