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The petition for disqualification of the President has been dismissed.

Islamabad: The Supreme Court has rejected the petition filed for the disqualification of President Dr. Arif Alvi. Arif Alvi.

A two-member bench headed by Judge Ijaz-ul-Ahsan heard the case.

The application was submitted by Shahri Zahoor Mehndi. The petitioner has asked to reject the nomination letter of President Arif Alvi.


According to the petitioner, the examination of the nomination letter of my presidential candidate was not correct, I have six objections to the letters of Arif Alvi. At the time of the presidential election, Arif Alvi was a defendant who was being prosecuted and did not fulfill the conditions to become the president.

According to Zahoor Mehdi, my presidential election paper was rejected for not having a supporter. The country is currently in crisis due to the appointment of an incompetent person as president and political parties are at odds with each other.


Judge Ejaz-ul-Ahsan said that what political parties do is none of your business. Your nomination papers are not signed by supporters and supporters, the constitutional requirement is that supporters must be members of the Shura Council.


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