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The European Union has condemned the killing of two protesters in Iran.

Germany: (Shadesofgalaxy) The European Union strongly condemned the death of two boys who took part in anti-hijab protests in Iran, calling it an act of terrorism.

According to foreign media, European Union spokesman Joseph Borrell expressed concern over the death of two protesting boys in Iran, but he said that the recent deaths of two boys participating in protests in Iran are alarming.

He said the executions were another sign of the Iranian government’s crackdown on protesters and that Iran should immediately end its credible use of the death penalty against protesters.

Yesterday, Iran executed a military commander, Duva Farad, who according to foreign media was killed during the recent protests.

Mohammad Mahdi Karami and Syed Mohammad Hussaini, suspected of the crimes that led to the death of Ruhollah Ajamian, were both hanged on Saturday morning.

It was not immediately clear which court sentenced the men, but Iran’s internationally criticized “revolutionary tribunal” convicted two men, social activists said. So far 16 protesters have been hanged.

It should be noted that protests have been going on in Iran since September 16 regarding the death of a 22-year-old woman named Maha Amin due to allegations of torture. Mahisa Amini was arrested for wearing an offensive scarf. Despite thousands of arrests, the crackdown continued.


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