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Tea or Emotional Intelligence

To introduce you to the history of our route, I suggest you read History of the Himalayas. You will see us returning to Wikipedia from time to time. This idea appears in certain places that we call anchor points. An anchor is defined as where an object stays in place when dragged, scaled, mirrored, or rotated. These topics are important in any discussion because they form the basis of opinion. Replacing ideas with history and Wikipedia is a logical choice because they are the only sources of meaning that can be changed and adapted.

Tea and Emotional Intelligence
Tea and Emotional Intelligence

As in most areas of the world, people began to organize themselves into society as hunter-gatherers or nomadic tribes. In this type of society, it is clear that the relationship between man and nature knows the characteristics of plants and plant forms according to their purpose. Be it the deserts of the Middle East, the Andes of South America or the Himalayas of Asia, people feel the same way. The bigger or more remote the forest, the closer we are to human nature. Descending into the valley of the earth, we lose our first contact with nature, and civilization dies as a result. One such civilization was the civilization of the Indus Valley.

Previous cultural knowledge about the properties of plants was transmitted over time to the cultures and tribes of the Himalayan region. In the modern context, we call it narrow emotional intelligence because of its limited understanding of nature. In our current history, this knowledge is known as Himalayan Shamanism or Tantrashatra and has had other names and forms in the past. Nepal is one of the few places in the world where the cultural and religious beliefs of the past and present are still practiced today. The roots of this botanical knowledge date back to about 1500 BC. All Indo-European religions refer to the thunder god Indra or Thor, Perun and Zeus as their European counterparts. It is believed that Indra appeared in the form of lightning and always drank soma. Remember that soma here refers to a psychoactive substance. Here electricity refers to knowledge as we know it today. Ironically, both terms refer to new pathways in our neural circuits.

As a first consideration, we would like to suggest here that plants are used as a means of acquiring skills.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence






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