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Causes of shortness of breath: New research reveals the real reason.


What causes bad breath:

There are three important things you should know:

  1. Medicines (including anti-allergic medicines)


  1. Alcohol causes bad breath.
  2. Mouthwash with alcohol has bad breath.
  3. Smoking causes bad breath.
  4. Dry mouth leads to bad breath.

In fact, daily hygiene

Goods, drinks and drugs can be ‘concealed’

Because of bad breath! Drug and alcohol flow

Mouth, less saliva, less oxygen

By word of mouth this company makes a great product.

Soil for anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria

Gasp In short, oral bacteria

Panting Think about your breathing in the morning

Maybe not much. At night your mouth rests and

It will be drier before you wake up, so bacteria will grow. get up

You are greeted with the “spirit of the morning.” Same with you.

Sick of congestion, perhaps out of breath.

By mouth, you may have noticed that your breath smells bad. This is the place

This dry mouth is caused by bad bacteria.


How to protect yourself from the bacteria responsible for bad breath?

Bad breath is caused by an overabundance of bacteria in the mouth.

There are scientific and clinical studies on bacteria.

Experts have helped identify the cause of bad breath and bacteria.

How to open it. Surprisingly, these ads

And ads that tell us to use mint or mouthwash.

It is always worth watching out for evil spirits. Really big

Mint and soap that people use to fight bad breath,

Which is the cause of bad breath or bad breath. about what Of

The bacteria that cause bad breath survive and grow on the bottom.

Skin on the tongue, down and down, not up.

Skin where it can be cut or scratched.

Washed with laundry and mint. Instead of pulling

Bad breath Many of these products contain alcohol.

Create a dry mouth and a supportive environment

for the growth of these foul-smelling bacteria.

Does food cause bad breath?

You bet your garlic recipes will work. Some foods are similar.

Garlic and onions can cause bad breath because they contain

The same compounds discussed earlier are harmful.

Breathing can be aggravated if you eat this food regularly.

Many bacteria cause halitosis. Trap

Anaerobic bacteria produce organic sulfur.

Because every man has bad breath in his mouth.

Need help breaking down proteins one by one.

Food investigators are still looking into the cause.

Some people are better

bacteria, which is therefore not important


The secret to getting rid of bad breath is…

To truly get rid of bad breath, you need to convert the odor-causing bacteria into odorless sulfur compounds. Well, it’s hard, isn’t it? In other words, make sure you use the right type of evil spirit to work for you. This cannot be done with mouthwash and mint. It leaves a strong aftertaste in your mouth, leading you to believe that if your mouth tastes “herbal” or minty, your breath is good.








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