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Iqama is renewed every two years, Saudi Arabia Passport Department

Riyadh (Latest Shadesofgalaxy Newspaper Latest. 10/12/2022) According to the Saudi News Agency, domestic workers can renew their residency in one or two years with a ‘license’ from the Ministry of Immigration and Passport, while commercial workers will have to obtain license from the company or companies before reaching there.

The Saudi Ministry of Labor and Welfare program issues and processes work permits for company employees. Only Saudi nationals work here and foreigners are prohibited.

Employers who want to hire foreign workers must pay a fixed fee of at least 7,000 reais per year to obtain a work permit.

After the work permit is issued, the place of residence is agreed upon. Since the beginning of the year, foreigners have the opportunity to renovate their homes in the neighborhood, which is done first to extend the work permit and then after the work permit is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. It is extended.


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