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Saudi Arabia is willing to play the role of a bridge between the US and China.

Riyadh: (Shadesofgalaxy) Saudi Arabia can simultaneously play the role of a bridge between the two major powers due to its strategic relations with the US and China.

These views were expressed by Saudi Foreign Minister Mohammad Al-Jadaan while talking to the media after the meeting of the World Economic Forum.

The Saudi Finance Minister was asked by the media that he can play a role in improving the relations between the US and China, bridges can be built to bridge the gap between the two countries.

The Saudi minister was asked what he sees as his biggest fear for the year, to which Mohammed al-Jadaan said, “We must increase cooperation and partnership to reduce geopolitical tensions.”

It should be noted that the relations between the US and China have been bad since the time of former US President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the US has accused China of unfair business practices in the wake of Covid-19.

The US is angry with China for human rights violations and regarding Taiwan, now the US Secretary of State will visit China next month to improve the situation.

On the other hand, the US Treasury Department official said that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet the Vice President of China in Zurich to improve relations between the two countries.


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