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More features have been introduced in the desktop version of WhatsApp

San Francisco: The Meta company has introduced some new features for the desktop version of WhatsApp, in which the interface has changed in such a way that you can chat with multiple people and can join multiple people in WhatsApp video conferencing.

Now eight people can have a video call and 32 people can have a conference call with audio calls. However, it can be extended over time.

Now the WhatsApp version for laptop and desktop computer is optimized for fast loading and works smoothly. On the other hand, multi-device syncing has also been enhanced. Similarly, the ability to see previews and stickers has also been enhanced.


However, Metta has said that avatars and 3D models will not be available in WhatsApp Desktop Meeting. But Meta has also announced that it will soon launch a new version of WhatsApp for Android tablets as well, which will include other new features.

Consequences of undermining the Taliban government will not be limited to Afghanistan, says Foreign Minister

Kabul: Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi says that the consequences of weakening the Taliban government will not be limited to Afghanistan.

In a column written for Arab newspaper, Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said that the human tragedy that will be caused by weakening the Taliban government will not be limited to Afghanistan.

In such a situation, such channels will be created in security, refugee, economic, health and other fields which will be difficult for our neighboring countries, the region and the world.

The Taliban Foreign Minister further said that they want to remind the US and other countries that sanctions and pressure will not remove differences. Problems can be solved only through mutual trust. Afghanistan has a history of failed governments and international powers and strong alliances have failed to stop it.

Amir Muttaqi said that it is a bitter reality that the Afghan economy has been completely dependent on foreign aid for the past two decades. Now that foreign aid has stopped, it is important to meet the basic needs of the Afghan people. It is imperative to restore and complete employment opportunities and infrastructure in Afghanistan on a priority basis.

The Taliban foreign minister said that the international community should restore political and economic relations while respecting Afghanistan’s autonomy.

Civil Aviation returned the missing bag worth 15 lakhs to singer Talha Younis

Karachi: Civil Aviation Authority has returned equipment worth crores of rupees.

Talha Younis, singer of the popular music band Young Stunners left her shoulder bag, which is said to be worth around Rs 15 lakh, in the parking area of Karachi Airport.


According to CAA spokesman, Talha, a passenger coming from Islamabad to Karachi, had left his shoulder bag in the parking area. After finding the bag, the duty manager deposited it in the office.

The duty manager checked the bag in the presence of vigilance personnel, meanwhile the mobile on the bag rang and the call was attended, the worried passenger was asked to come to the airport to collect the bag.

The passenger came to the DTM office and the bag was handed over to him in the presence of vigilance officers. The value of the items in the shoulder bag is estimated to be around Rs 15 lakh. Talha Younis praised the CAA officers. Vigilance Officer and thanked him.

anti-narcotics operations; 3 kilos recovered from passenger going to Jeddah

Anti-Narcotics Force in various cities arrested 14 suspects after seizing huge quantity of drugs.

According to Express News, Anti-Narcotics Force officials recovered 3 kg 505 grams of ice from the trolley bag of the accused going to Doha at Islamabad International Airport.

During the investigation, the accused revealed the presence of his other associates, on which the ANF took immediate action and arrested 4 more accused of the group from the airport premises.

In another operation at Islamabad International Airport, 73 capsules full of heroin were recovered from the stomach of the accused who was going to Jeddah, who was arrested by ANF personnel. The accused belongs to Khyber Agency.

Apart from this, ANF personnel recovered 43 kg of 200 grams of hashish from the secret compartments of the car near Shah Rukn Alam Interchange and arrested four suspects, who belong to Faisalabad, in the limits of Multan.

Meanwhile, a private courier office in Gulberg recovered 700 grams of ice from a parcel booked for Bahrain. The recovered ice was being sent hidden in books.

In Sukkur, Anti-Narcotics Force and Rangers conducted a joint operation near Sukkur Shikarpur Road and recovered 15 kg hashish from an accused. The accused belongs to Quetta.

100 narcotic pills were recovered from the accused resident of Quetta during an operation near Delhi Colony, Karachi.

The anti-narcotics force officers recovered 5 kg of hashish from the possession of the accused, a resident of Lucky Marwat near Hyderabad Guddu Chowk and arrested the accused.

ANF officials recovered 2 kg of ice from an accused near Sariab Road in Quetta. The recovered drug was hidden by the accused in a shoulder bag.

Cases have been registered against the arrested accused under the Anti-Narcotics Act.

Drink this drink if you want to lose weight in Ramadan

While Ramadan is the best source of inner purity and self-improvement, the medical benefits of this month are also much greater. The digestive system is improved and it becomes easier to control blood pressure and sugar.

Health experts say that obesity is the root of all diseases. Obesity leads to serious diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, but the good thing is that Muslims have a month in which they can lose weight significantly.


The Saudi nutritionist says that the flowers of the Hibiscus plant can be used in different ways during Ramadan. Hibiscus syrup or tea is a delicious and energizing drink in summer.

Another feature of this is to reduce weight and at the same time reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and cancer cells in the body. Modern research has also revealed several health benefits of drinking hibiscus tea.

Research on hibiscus has also revealed that 70 percent of volunteers in the study lost weight after drinking hibiscus tea or syrup.

After just 12 weeks, these individuals lost body fat and lost weight.

The sweet dish was prepared with the help of a 3D printer

New York: Scientists have created a sweet dish using seven ingredients using 3D printers, with the aim of using this technology to increase understanding of multi-nutrient cooking.

Graham crackers, peanut butter, Nutella, banana puree, strawberry jam, cherry drizzle and strawberry frosting were used to make this cheesecake-like dish.

In research published in the journal NPJ Science of Food, the scientists said their work laid the groundwork for the future of 3D food printing.


According to Christian Cooper, professor of nutrition and dietetics at Pace University, low-nutrient processed foods are a big problem. 3D food printing will produce processed foods, but nutrition will be better controlled.

He further said that with the help of this technology, it will be possible to prepare such foods for people suffering from swallowing problems that these patients will need.

That’s because 3D food printing technology is still in its infancy, according to study lead author Jonathan Biltinger of Columbia University. This requires systems such as cartridge manufacturers, downloadable recipe files and an environment in which to create and share these recipes that can support this technology.

Exhibition of short films on the occasion of Pakistan Day in Australia

Houston: Under the National Amateur Short Film Festival in Australia, short films highlighting the different cultural colors of Pakistan have been exhibited by students who have received scholarships.

According to the report, the National Amateur Short Film Festival was organized by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for the promotion of Pakistani culture and tourism, which is providing the best opportunity to the talented youth of Pakistan to showcase their talents to the world.

Students who have received scholarships from the National Amateur Short Film Festival have been sent to the New York Film Academy Gold Coast, Australia for a one-year diploma in filmmaking, where they are trained in modern filmmaking.


On the occasion of Pakistan Day, these Pakistani students organized an event called ‘Love Letters to Pakistan’ in Australia. In this event, short films highlighting the different cultural colors of Pakistan were shown.

In this event, Pakistani and foreign people living in Australia participated from far and wide and appreciated the best and high quality short films of these talented Pakistani youths.

Announcement of Iftar arrangement for the public at the Governor’s House

Sindh Governor Kamran Tesuri says that from today, he has announced to organize Iftar for the public at the Governor’s House for 30 days.

Speaking to the media, Sindh Governor Kamran Tesuri said that from the first fast to the 30th of Ramadan, the doors of the governor’s house will be open for the people of Karachi, while those who come for Iftar will be given a gift of tasbih, hat and a place for prayer.

He said that he came to the table of a private NGO, the country is in a very bad situation! Most of them are middle class females, will try to give relief to the public.

A historic resolution to celebrate Pakistan Day was presented in the US House of Representatives

Washington: For the first time in the history of Pakistan-US relations, an important resolution regarding celebrating March 23, 2023 as “Pakistan Day” was presented in the US House of Representatives.

The resolution, introduced by Congressman Jamal Bowman, aims to recognize the role of the Pakistani-American community in the United States.


The resolution presented in the House of Representatives states that it is appropriate and desirable for the United States to pay tribute to those individuals who promote cultural diversity and strengthen ties between different communities in the United States. are

The resolution states that Pakistan Day provides an excellent opportunity through which Americans can increase their awareness of Pakistani heritage and promote knowledge of this historic culture in future generations. .

Masood Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to America, expressed his sincere gratitude to the Congress member for presenting the resolution and said that it will not only help in strengthening the mutual relations between the two countries, but also help the people of both countries to understand each other. It will also help to bring closer.

The Pakistani ambassador also thanked the leadership of the American Pakistan Advocacy Group, including APAG President and renowned community leader Ali Rashid, who played a vital role in working closely with the Congressman to introduce this historic resolution. .

Masood Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, further said that recognizing March 23, 2023 as Pakistan Day and paying tribute to the valuable services of Pakistani-American citizens shows the importance of US relations and the desire to further strengthen these relations. It is a manifestation.

Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan met Congress member Bowman in his chamber who warmly welcomed the Pakistani Ambassador.

Speaking to the media outside Capitol Hill, Congressman Bowman said, “It is an honor for him to introduce this resolution. It is very important for us as Americans to stand with the people of Pakistan who We are dealing with such a disaster that we have not seen in history.

He added that we should stand with Pakistan and ensure that we provide the necessary resources to the country to come out of this tragedy.

Initiation of investigation against British soldiers who killed more than 50 Afghan citizens

London: A UK court has opened an investigation into the extrajudicial killing of dozens of civilians during the Afghan war without giving them a chance to clean up.

According to the World News Agency, previously Australia has also arrested a soldier during the investigation of war crimes committed by its soldiers during the Afghan war, who could possibly be imprisoned for life.

After Australia, Britain has started an investigation into the extrajudicial killing of more than 50 innocent Afghan citizens by its soldiers in Afghanistan.


It should be noted that the BBC showed in a documentary that British soldiers killed dozens of people during raids in the Afghan province of Helmand between 2010 and 2011.

In the last month of last year, the British Ministry of Defense announced an investigation and an inquiry committee was also formed, the head of which was Judge Lord Justice Hayden Cave.

In this regard, British judge Lord Justice Hayden Cave, the head of the inquiry committee, said that evidence of extrajudicial and serious violations of the law has been revealed in Afghanistan.

The British judge further said that it has become necessary for the reputation of the country and the armed forces that these soldiers should be handed over to the authorities for investigation and accountability.

Judge Hayden Cave said that either these allegations against these soldiers are false or if there is truth in them, the army and the country can make themselves red by transparent investigation and bring those responsible to justice and proudly say we have The matter was transparently reviewed.

Modern facial recognition system has been activated at Karachi Airport

KARACHI: Modern facial recognition system has been activated at Jinnah International Airport.

According to the spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Authority, the modern facial recognition system (FRS) has been activated at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been entrusted with the responsibility for its part in the control room of this modern system. Is.

According to CAA, an agreement was reached between the two organizations to deploy staff for the FRS system and in this regard the Airport Manager and Deputy Director FIA Anti-Human Trafficking signed a memorandum of understanding. are


According to the spokesperson, duties have been started in the (FRS) CCTV room for surveillance purposes. Project supervision, maintenance and administration is being looked after by Civil Aviation. FIA (FRS) will use the technology to prevent anti-human trafficking and other crimes.

According to the spokesperson of Civil Aviation, the modern system will help the government agencies in enforcing the law at Jinnah International Airport. Organizations will be able to identify and track faces on the watch list at the airport through this system. Apart from Karachi, this modern system is also installed at the airports of Lahore, Islamabad and Multan.

Incidents of riots during distribution of free flour, 2 more people killed

Pakhtunkhwa/Punjab: 2 more people were killed and many others including women were injured as a result of stampede and stampede during the distribution of free flour in various cities.

According to Express News, one person was killed and 4 injured as a result of a stampede during the distribution of free flour in Charsadda. According to the police, a stampede and stampede during the distribution of free flour led to the death of one person and injuries to others.


Citizens say that a free flour distribution point has been set up in the same center for women and men and thousands of men and women reached the center to get free flour from 6 am.

As soon as the gates of the center were opened before the free flour arrived, there was a stampede. According to the citizens, the unfortunate incident has taken place due to poor arrangements by the district administration. The lower points are fixed with the connivance of the flour dealers association and the district administration.

On the other hand, an accident took place near Flour Mills in Bannu, in which one person was killed and 4 injured. According to reports, people were standing to collect flour when the wall collapsed, from which the injured have been shifted to DHQ Hospital for medical attention.

Meanwhile, a woman who was queuing for free flour in Bannu fell unconscious and was rushed to hospital by Rescue 1122 officials. Later, the women who came to the sports complex to get flour protested and blocked Bannu Kohat Road for all traffic due to not getting free bags of flour. The angry women raised slogans against the food administration.

Meanwhile, in Mardan, an incident of disorder occurred at the flour distribution point by the district administration, where the process of flour distribution was not started till 12 noon, due to which the public faced severe problems. Thousands of men and women are gathered in Mardan Sports Complex.

Apart from this, a stampede took place at the government flour point in Manchanabad in Bahawalnagar, in which several people, including women, were crushed. Three women were injured in the incident. The people of the area say that the incident of disorder happened due to the incompetence of the administration. It is reported that there is an arrangement to distribute flour at the same point for men and women, which led to the stampede. Assistant Commissioner Manchanabad also fell to the ground in Dhakkampel.

The constitution is clear that elections will be held within 90 days, Sheikh Rasheed

Rawalpindi: Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that the constitution is clear that elections will be held within 90 days.

In a statement on the social media website Twitter, Sheikh Rasheed said that the Election Commission’s decision has created a constitutional crisis. The constitution is clear that elections will be held within 90 days. He said that the test of the Supreme Court is whether it allows the unconstitutional, illegal government of Bahrupis to collapse or impose Article 6 on them.

The former interior minister added in his statement that the Chief Justice has said that he will interfere in the transparent elections with malice. Sheikh Rashid said that the caretaker government has no status anymore. There is a puppet show in Pakistan. The country is stuck in limbo.

He said that the group of 13 has become a symbol of destruction and destruction. The IMF and friendly countries are all flagging. 3 IMF meetings have failed. The petrol subsidy drama has also been withdrawn. The elite will wave and the poor will rub their heels and die.

Sheikh Rasheed said that when the government does not accept the constitution, the people will accept the government. Today is a holiday, from tomorrow people will be looking at the door of the Supreme Court. A negative message has been sent to the foreign investors of the country. The nation should be told which direction to take the country. 50 thousand people died in the earthquake in Turkey, but the election schedule has not changed.

The Kiwi player was banned for 8 years after testing positive for doping.

WILLINGTON: New Zealand star athlete Zain Robertson has been banned from doping tests and has been banned from the documents. Robertson, 33, will not be able to participate in any game during this period.

The New Zealand tribunal is the highest punishment for a player.

In the May 2022 test during the Great Manchester Run event, the use of arthritis, which increased its performance, proved to be the use of arthrofuton.

It should be noted that the use of medicines made from this compound has been forbidden for players participating in all sports.

According to Wellington’s Sports Tribunal’s decision, Zen Robertson was sentenced to four years in the doping test and was sentenced by a four -year sentence by the athlete to submit a fraud -based document.

New Zealand star athlete won a bronze medal in the 5,000 -meter race at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, while it represented his country twice in the Olympic Games.

An investigation against Tik Tok has been launched in Italy for violating the rules and regulations

Milan: Italy’s competition authority has opened an investigation against Chinese application TikTok for allegedly violating rules and regulations. According to the allegations, the application allegedly violated the rules by publishing dangerous content about suicide, self-harm and malnutrition.

According to the agency’s statement, the investigation launched on Tuesday includes the Irish unit responsible for TikTok’s European customer relations as well as its British and Italian divisions.

Chinese company ByteDance’s TikTok application has denied any wrongdoing and assured to cooperate with the investigation.


TikTok is facing tough times globally due to the Chinese government’s increasing global concerns about the location and access to data of the application’s users.

The Italian agency said that there are several videos on the platform in which young people are harming themselves. The trend has recently emerged from challenges such as the viral ‘French Scar’ challenge in which facial scars are created.

A TikTok spokesperson has denied all the allegations, saying the company does not allow the display or promotion of content related to dangerous activities and challenges, suicide, self-harm or eating unhealthy foods.

The moon of Ramadan was not sighted in India and Bangladesh

New Delhi: The Jamiat Ulema Hind in India has announced that the moon of Ramadan has not been seen anywhere in India, so the first fast will be on Friday, March 24.

According to the Indian media, the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind has announced that the moon of Ramadan will not be visible and the first fast has been asked to be observed on Friday, March 24.


Similarly, the moon of Ramadan was not seen in Bangladesh. The National Moon Sighting Committee of Bangladesh announced that the moon of Ramadan was not sighted in Bangladesh. Therefore, the first fast will be on March 24, 2023.

On the other hand, a meeting was held on March 21 to see the moon of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries, in which it was announced that the moon would not be seen. So tomorrow, March 23, the first fast will be observed in these countries.

The meeting of the sighting committee to see the moon of Ramadan continues

PESHAWAR: The meeting of the Central Royat Hilal Committee is going on for the sighting of the moon of the month of Ramadan.

The meeting of Central Royat Hilal Committee for sighting of the moon of Ramadan is going on in Awqaf Hall Peshawar under the chairmanship of Chairman Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad.

On the other hand, meetings of zonal committees were held in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Islamabad, where no evidence of sighting of the moon of Ramadan was received, which was reported by the zonal committees to the central Sighting of the Crescent Committee.

Meanwhile, the moon of Ramadan was not sighted in India and Bangladesh, after which the first fast will be on Friday, April 24.

Chief Justice is furious over the release of audios and videos of judges

Islamabad: The Chief Justice of Pakistan has said that all the political parties should get an equal opportunity in the election, the Election Commission should not give the caretaker government open power to change.

CCPO Lahore Ghulam Mehmood Dogar case was heard in the Supreme Court.


The lawyer Election Commission argued that the election schedule has been issued after the establishment of the caretaker government, it is our responsibility to conduct fair and transparent elections under Article 218, it is also the authority of the Election Commission to make changes in the bureaucracy for a level playing field, the caretaker government is also the Election Commission. may transfer an officer with the approval of

The Chief Justice remarked that under Article 218, the Election Commission uses the power of transfer to ensure a fair and transparent election. can give

Lawyer Election Commission said that the Election Commission gave oral approval to the caretaker government for the transfer of CCPO Lahore on January 23. Approved the decision.

Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial remarked that the authority of the Election Commission is very broad, all political parties should have an equal opportunity in the election, the Election Commission should not give open authority to the caretaker government to transfer, from the caretaker government to the Election Commission. Should ask about the exchange.

The court dismissed the appeal against the exchange of Ghulam Mahmood Dogar on the basis of withdrawal.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice of Pakistan was furious over the release of the audios and videos of the respected judges.

He said that let the government do its work, the Election Commission is a constitutional institution, we protect it, like we protect the Election Commission, we expect that our institution will also be protected. Audios and videos are coming out daily. What is the credibility and legal status of these audio videos?

The Chief Justice said that baseless allegations are being made on the judiciary, the court is working with patience and tolerance, the court is for free and fair elections which is a constitutional responsibility, the elections have to be held through the Election Commission, if If the Election Commission’s malice is revealed in the actions, then they will review it.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan further said that sometimes the words of the Supreme Court are misunderstood. An honest prime minister has come, we have protected the constitutional institutions in our decisions, the judiciary is also being attacked, we will protect the judiciary too.

Time is running out to combat global warming.

Interlaken: A UN report warns that time is running out for humanity to tackle global warming.

A study by hundreds of scientists concluded that the world has almost reached a point of no return, but the catastrophe is still avoidable.

According to the report, it is necessary to initiate massive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide or else the planet’s temperature will exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The report warns that a one-degree increase in temperature will lead to extreme events on Earth.

This disaster will cause sea level rise due to the melting of glaciers, which will cause severe economic damage to agriculture, forestry, fisheries, energy and tourism.

A report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that between 2081 and 2100, moderate levels of greenhouse gas emissions will increase the Earth’s temperature by 2.7 percent. Will be. At very low temperatures, it can rise by 1.4 degrees and if emissions are very high, it can rise by 4.4 degrees.

Coping with these outcomes will require reductions in carbon dioxide emissions of 48 percent by 2030, 65 percent by 2035, 80 percent by 2040, and 99 percent by 2050.

In the last decade of Ramadan, the condition of the permit for the Haramin Sharif is over

Makkah: The permit requirement for the Haram Sharifin for the last decade of Ramadan has been abolished.

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia, there will be no need for a permit for the Kaaba and the Prophet’s Mosque in the last ten days of Ramadan, but the pilgrims must not be affected by Corona.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah further said that a permit is mandatory for Umrah or visiting the Prophet’s grave in the Prophet’s Mosque. Permits will be issued through Nasik application to those people who are not infected with Corona or have no contact with a person infected with Corona.

On the other hand, the administration of Masjid Nabawi announced a new schedule of permits for prayers in Riaz Al-Jinnah from 1st Ramadan to 19th Ramadan.

According to Arab media, the administration says that from 1st Ramadan, permits will be issued to pilgrims for Fajr prayer from 2:30 in the night and from 11:30 in the morning to Isha.


Permits for female pilgrims to enter Riaz Al-Jinnah will be issued after Fajr prayer until 11:00 AM and then from 11:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

Citizens are worried whether they will get gas or not during morning hours

KARACHI: Residents of Karachi, worried about inflation, may face a new problem in the coming days.

In the coming days, the blessed month of Ramadan will begin, so the citizens are worried whether gas will be available during Suhoor hours or not. Despite the start of summer season in Karachi, gas loadshedding during the night hours. Not terminated.


Gas is shut off from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. This gas load shedding has changed the time of preparing dinner in Karachi, now dinner is prepared till 9:00 PM in homes.

Citizens say that despite the start of the summer season, the federal government and SSGC have not ended gas load-shedding and have not yet given any information regarding gas load-shedding or not during Ramadan.

Therefore, the citizens are making advance arrangements to get gas from alternative sources for the preparation of Suhore in Ramadan.

Long gas shutdown in summer is beyond comprehension, Farzana Bibi

Housewife Farzana Bibi said that the demand for gas is high in winter, so gas load-shedding has been done, now the heat has started, the demand for gas is low, but gas load-shedding at night is beyond comprehension, the government is worried about the people. There is no feeling.

Women’s responsibilities increase in Ramadan

Nishat Farooqui, the head of the family, said that Ramadan is the most blessed month in which there is worship, people fast, women’s responsibilities increase in this month, iftar, dinner, suhoor and breakfast for small children. And food is needed.

Women spend most of their time in the kitchen, the most important thing for food, iftar and suhoor in Ramadan is gas. Whether there will be gas at night or not, so the sons have been asked to make alternative arrangements.


People will consider other options if there is gas loadshedding in the morning, fatal

Housewife Mehek Tariq said that if gas loadshedding is likely to happen during Suhri, then people will have different options to manage Suhri according to these options.

He said that under these options, women should prepare suhoor before 10 pm and eat food prepared several hours earlier instead of fresh, or buy LPG cylinders and stoves or buy suhoor from the hotel or eat outside at the hotel. Go to eat, these are all additional expenses that are not affordable for the poor or middle class or to fast without Suhoor.

A tea kit is 40 rupees or a full cup is 80 rupees, Sufyan

Citizen Sufyan said that after Iftar, especially during Suhri, the people of Karachi drink tea at home and in hotels. Buy an electric kettle or drink tea with a tea bag. Extra money is required for them. Here, if you get bread in Ramadan, you should be thankful.

Bought a small cylinder stove for Ramadan, Shahri

Faisal Ali, a citizen, said that he had bought a small LPG cylinder with a stove for Ramadan so that there would be no problem at Suhoor. They are buying LPG cylinders with stoves which cost between Rs 2,000 and 3,000 depending on the quality.

Hotel food is expensive, what will you do if you don’t get gas in Sahri, Razia Bano

Housewife Razia Bano said that people are already worried because of inflation, the prices of food and drinks are skyrocketing, there will be a storm of inflation in Ramadan. Money is also needed for alternative management, wages and salaries should increase with inflation.

Demand for LPG may increase in Ramadan, shopkeeper Khalid

Khalid, a shopkeeper who sells LPG, said that before the arrival of Ramadan, hotels, tea houses, bakeries and sweets sellers have made advance bookings of LPG cylinders so that they do not have any problems in their business. I am getting Rs 280 to Rs 300 per kg LPG demand may increase in Ramadan.

There will be no profiling of gas in Ramzan, SSGC officials

The officials of Sui Southern Gas Company were asked whether there will be load shedding of gas in Ramadan in Karachi or not. As in the past, there will be no gas profiling during Ramadan.

The death toll from the earthquake in the country has risen to 9.

Peshawar: 9 people have been killed and hundreds injured so far in the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the country yesterday.

The tremors of the earthquake were felt in various countries of South Asia, including the three provinces of Pakistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. The earthquake struck at 9:47 p.m., with tremors already felt.


The Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the most affected by the earthquake, where relief work is also underway. The epicenter of the earthquake was the Hindu Kush mountain in Afghanistan and its depth was 180 km.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has issued a report on the damage caused by the earthquake. According to the report, 20 houses were partially damaged by the earthquake, while two children and two women were also among the dead.

According to Rescue 1122, a woman was killed and 60 people were injured due to the terrible earthquake in Dirlawir, the injured are being given medical assistance in different hospitals. As a result of the earthquake, roofs and walls of many houses collapsed.


The district administration says that according to reports so far, 5 people have died in Malakand division while 263 people have been injured.

According to hospital sources, 193 injured were taken to Saidu Sharif Hospital where 93 were injured or others fainted from fear, 18 patients are still admitted while others have been discharged. According to reports so far, about 20 houses have been destroyed.

Commissioner Malakand Shahidullah Khan said that all the situations are under control and the damage is being estimated, the hilly areas will also be known by this afternoon. Emergency is in force in all hospitals.

Rupee value at lowest level, increasing economic difficulties

ISLAMABAD: Economic difficulties have increased as the value of rupee has fallen to the lowest level.

The Pakistani rupee has been depreciating at the lowest level against all other currencies since the beginning of this year in January when the currency was left to be determined by the market. The currency index currently stands at 84.6.

According to the index, if a currency stays between the level of 95 to 105, then it is devalued, that is, at that time the rupee is far behind its original value, in which case additional income comes in the form of exports. However, imports are discouraged. According to the Central Bank of Pakistan, the Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) of the Pakistani rupee, compared to other currencies, further depreciated by 7.52% during February and was 86.00% in the index. 4 has reached the level while during January it was at the level of 93.96. By the end of the business day on February 28, one dollar was worth 261 rupees 50 paisa in the interbank market.

On the auspices of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the government of Pakistan introduced a market-fixed system in January, after which the rupee became unstable and overvalued due to the lack of dollars in the market. There was a decline and the dollar reached its highest level on February 2 when one dollar was equal to 285 rupees 9 paise.

Yusuf Rahman, head of research at Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Securities, told Express that according to the REER, the Pakistani rupee is below its original value, but due to rising inflation, there are chances of improvement in this index in the next few months. .

He said that the rate of inflation in the country was 31.5 percent during February, which was the highest in fifty years, but there is a possibility of further increase in this rate and reaching 35 percent in March.

He further said that the reasons for this increase include the implementation of new taxes worth 170 billion rupees by the government, besides the increase in the prices of petroleum products, increasing the general sales tax from 17 to 18 percent and all these measures came. Done on the instructions of MF.

Yusuf Rehman said that the weakness should have been in exports due to the rupee, but due to the partial ban on imports and the enormous decline in the value of the rupee, inflation and the increase in interest rates, it was not possible to increase exports much. Most of the exports are to America and European countries, but due to the economic slowdown and reduction in the purchasing power of the people, the demand for export goods has decreased in their local market.

Yusuf Rehman said that Pakistan can be taken out of the economic and financial crisis only through the restoration of the IMF program, but it will take time because for the restoration of this program, Pakistan is assured of 6 to 7 billion dollars of loan from friendly countries. It will take decades.

Economic analysts say that if the IMF program is restored, the value of one dollar can be equal to 275 rupees.

Why are large numbers of immigrants choosing Canada?

Last year, 40,000 immigrants crossed Canada’s borders for asylum.
Some of these immigrants are moving to Canada under the impression that Canada is more lenient with immigrants than the United States.
But can Canada cope with this growing number of immigrants?
Wrexham Road is very quiet and cold in winter. The silence is broken by the screeching sound of the tires of a car driving on snow.

Every day, 150 immigrants are brought here who want to set foot on Canadian soil. Many of them started their journey from Brazil and then reached New York.
Roxam Road is not an official border point. There are no border agents here. There are only police officers who arrest border crossers.
However, it is known as a popular point for asylum seekers to enter Canada from the US.
Last year, a large number of immigrants entered Canada through this route. Immigrants flock to Canada because of Canada’s reputation for being soft on people affected by war and conflict.
On both sides of the border, there has been growing desperation about the influx of migrants from the Wrexham Road and the future of those arriving on the route.
Wrexham Road became the focus of national attention in 2017 when large numbers of asylum seekers began traveling the road.
Some believe that Canada’s sudden popularity among immigrants is due to the Trump administration’s fear of deporting immigrants from the United States.
Some blamed it on a tweet by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which said Canada would welcome those fleeing persecution, terrorism and war.
Canada’s popularity among immigrants has alarmed Canadian officials.
Montreal’s Olympic Stadium has been converted into housing for newly arrived immigrants.
The federal government has warned that arriving in Canada is not a guarantee of staying there in order to stop this wave of immigrants.
The route has been closed under emergency health measures imposed by the federal government during the Covid pandemic, but the demand for safe haven has never ended.

The measures taken during the Covid epidemic, which were taken about 16 months ago, brought thousands of refugees to Canada.
Most of them are from Haiti, which has been plagued by political and violent events in recent months.
There has also been an increase in the number of people coming from Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Colombia or from remote areas such as Afghanistan.
At the same time, the Biden administration has expanded Trump-era pandemic policies that have been used to stop migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Migrants who spoke to the BBC in Quebec said they did not see the US as a good country for asylum, where asylum applications take years to be decided and they felt their arrival does not like
Joshua (pseudonym) arrives in Montreal two days after Christmas and lives in a rented flat with an immigrant. They are waiting for their asylum application to be heard.
Joshua, a Venezuelan citizen, had been living in exile in Chile for five years when he decided to move to Canada.
“Other countries are not so friendly with illegal immigrants, but Canada has welcomed them,” Joshua said.
Behind the influx of refugees is a 20-year-old agreement with the US called the Safe Third Country Agreement, which requires migrants to apply for asylum in their first ‘safe’ country.
Immigrants coming from the US to Canada on the day of the deal will be turned back at the border, but Roxam Road is an unofficial route and asylum seekers are trying to use that loophole.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has rejected calls to close the Roxam Road crossing, saying the US has thousands of kilometers of unmonitored border. He said closing the crossing would be futile and migrants would try to reach Canadian soil through dangerous routes.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is focused on renegotiating the Safe Third Country Agreement.
He is expected to raise the issue during President Biden’s visit to Canada later this week.
But the prime minister is under pressure to take steps to curb illegal immigration as the new arrivals strain civic amenities, particularly in Quebec, where many immigrants live.
Quebec Premier Francois Legault has described the situation in the province as unstable, saying social services have been “pushed to the brink of collapse” and some immigrants are facing homelessness as a result.
Decisions on asylum applications are being delayed due to an increase in asylum applications from immigrants.
The total number of immigrant applications in January 2022 was 56,300, up from 71,000 in December, a 26 percent increase.
Immigrant applications can now take up to two years to process. Last year, 28 percent of asylum applications were rejected, which means that arriving in Canada does not guarantee asylum there.
There is also a long wait for a work permit.
It used to take a week to get a social insurance number for a new refugee.
Maries Poisson, who works at the Welcome Center, an organization helping newcomers in Montreal, says the wait for an appointment for an ID document is now about two years.
Advocates have told the BBC that delays in decisions on migrant claims have left many migrants struggling to meet their needs and access food banks and other social assistance. .

“Some of them are in situations where they’re being exploited,” says Suzanne Tafot, a Montreal-based immigration lawyer.
“We are really concerned that the most vulnerable people, who have trauma, who don’t speak the local language, don’t get the support they need,” he said.
US border agents have noted an increase in the number of people returning from Canada.
In January, the U.S. Border Patrol arrested 367 people trying to cross from north to south, more than the total number of such crossings in the past 12 years.
Since then, Republican lawmakers have spoken of a “crisis” on the northern border.
People who work with refugees in Montreal say some who return do so because they can’t find work or visit family in Canada.

Despite mounting challenges in Canada, record numbers of migrants are crossing the Wroxham Road in Canada’s bitter cold.
Terry Provost and Tyler Tambini, taxi drivers in New York, say they often take people from the Plattsburgh bus station to the border.
“This man had no money,” said Mr. Provost while getting a refugee from Afghanistan out of the taxi. They were waiting continuously in a motel.
As the migrants cross the border, they are greeted by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who warn them that they will be arrested if they continue.
Since 2017, part of the Canadian border has been transformed into a small police compound, with trailers to process crossers and buses waiting to bring new arrivals to nearby hotels.
Mr Provost said he had seen people hesitate before taking the final step. They are not sure what will happen to them.
But for immigrants like Joshua, Canada is the last safe haven.
“The American dream died many years ago,” he told Shades of Galaxy. Montreal is my new home. It is my only home.