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Pakistani Ambassador Ayesha Farooqui handed over the diplomatic mandate to the President of Ireland.

Dublin (Shadesofgalaxy Newspaper Latest. 27 February 2023) Ayesha Farooqui, the newly appointed Ambassador of Pakistan to Ireland, said that Pakistanis living in Ireland are very hardworking and compassionate people, Pakistani people are not only hardworking but also have many talents. are Thanks to his abilities, he played an active role in making the country famous all over the world. Our staff works on a priority basis to address issues facing the community. I myself will go to each district and meet the leaders and organizational workers there and discuss the problems of the community and their solutions. I hope this way the problem will be solved soon. When the diplomatic mandate was given to the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, he had a long meeting with President Michael D. Higgins.

Discuss the political and social situation

Pakistani Ambassador Ayesha Farooqui said that the Government of Pakistan has given me a mandate to further strengthen the bilateral relations between Ireland and Pakistan and to take steps to develop these relations at lightning speed. Integrated over the last few decades, while growing day by day, if you look at their economic base, education.

Based on innovation and research, we will try to work together with Irish and Pakistani universities. Efforts on this route will increase the volume of trade between the two countries. It has to be done and the flag of Pakistan has to be hoisted and its name has to be made famous through hard work. Remember that countries around the world appoint ambassadors to establish and promote good relations with each other.

Watan Aziz Pakistan provides an opportunity for those ladies and gentlemen who have good morals, good morals, business acumen and ability to communicate keeping in mind the needs of today’s times, to perform diplomatic services without discrimination. Almost all the countries of the world have also appointed their ambassadors with exceptional qualities and qualities who are engaged in highlighting the positive aspects of Pakistan by using their best skills.

There are highly educated, visionary and modern women and men equipped with education and training. These diplomats are posted to any country on the list. Ayesha Farooqui, a world leader and expert on understanding issues, has been appointed as Pakistan’s ambassador to Ireland. Ayesha Farooqui hails from Karachi, Pakistan, and did her primary education from Karachi, and later completed her Masters and CSS exams from Islamabad. Graduated successfully and served in Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 28 years.

Pakistan has the honor of conducting diplomacy in important countries like UK, USA, Turkey and Egypt.


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