Friday, March 24, 2023
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North Korea test-fired 2 more missiles in violation of sanctions.

Pyongyang: North Korea has successfully tested 2 more missiles while continuing its war preparations despite international pressure.

According to the World News Agency, North Korea fired both missiles into the sea from a submarine.


The missile successfully hit the target at a distance of 1500 km after traveling in the air for two hours.

North Korea has already test-fired a missile as the US and South Korea begin joint military exercises hours later. North Korea’s move is also being seen as a warning for joint military exercises.

South Korea’s military spokesman said the military is on high alert after North Korea’s missile test, while the country’s intelligence agency is working with its US counterpart to analyze details of the North Korean missile test.

It should be noted that the 11-day joint military exercise ‘Freedom Shield 23’ between South Korea and the United States will begin.


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