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NASA has successfully tested a new rocket for the Artemis mission.

Mississauga: After months of redesign, NASA tested an all-new rocket as part of the Artemis mission and tested it at 113 percent power level.

The experiment was conducted on March 8, 2023, the details of which have now been released. NASA tested the RS-25 engine at a test site in Mississippi, which plays an important role in lunar exploration under the Artemis mission. The rocket was fired at full capacity, which was 113 percent.

The rocket was tested for the third time in a year at NASA’s Stence Space Center’s Fred Hess Test Stand. It is named as Hotfire Series. However, significant changes were made to the rocket nozzle on February 8. This is the reason why Rocket showed amazing improvement.


It was built by Aerojet Rocket Dyne Systems, a private company. However, missions to the Moon and Artemis IV will begin, but no final date has been given. Mike Lauer, the company’s deputy program manager at the test site, said the nozzle worked exactly as designed, which is a welcome development. According to scientists, significant changes were also made in the design of the rocket for the Artemis mission.

The rocket’s RS25 engine fired in 520 seconds and burned 113 percent of the total power level. That’s because the proposed Orion spacecraft would carry astronauts to the moon and the rocket’s engine would have to fire or burn for 500 seconds before leaving Earth’s grip and reaching its destination.

However, more experiments will be done in this regard.


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