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Loss of the country due to political chaos, solution of problems, quick transparent elections, express forum

Lahore: The country is suffering due to political chaos, the politicians are busy to satisfy their ego, unfortunately no one cares about the country.

Economic challenges are becoming serious due to political instability, inflation is touching the sky, the rupee has fallen to the ground, people are forced to commit suicide due to scarcity of money. The outrage can take the form of a major crisis, the political leadership has to think seriously, the world is making fun of us, even friendly countries are not ready to help. In the “Express Forum” organized on the topic of “Stability and its solution”.

Senior analyst Dr. Ijaz Butt said that we have power politics, politicians were in search of gaining power in every legitimate and illegitimate way, the governments of Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto kept changing due to the clash of personalities. , it is still being said that the government was changed due to a clash of personalities.

Political analyst Dr. Asimullah Bakhsh said that political instability is not a new thing for Pakistan, it is not directly related to political parties, their mutual friction or tension, but to the institutions that are the backbone of the state. In America, India, Japan and other countries, there is tension between political parties, but there the state institutions only do their work.


Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, FC College University, Dr. Zamrad Awan said that the country is suffering from a serious political and economic crisis, due to the skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel, everything has become expensive. We will continue to depend on the IMF, if we take assistance from the IMF to pay off the debt, how will we return it?


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