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Last week also passed without an IMF staff-level meeting, Sheikh Rasheed

Rawalpindi (Shadesofgalaxy latest newspaper. March 13, 2023) Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed says that last week also passed without IMF staff level meeting, no aid came from Saudi Arabia or China. In his statement on Twitter, Sheikh Rasheed said that the PML-N is creating a false narrative against the establishment and the judiciary.

I also lived in Attock Fort, but violence against the weaker sex was heard for the first time in this government. Many people were martyred for democracy, including the 5 martyrs of Lal Haveli. I never thought that. He said that in Pakistan the poor are born only to die, be imprisoned and eat sticks, the elite are born only for power, the poor do not want free bread, they want a free grave.

Besides, Awami Muslim League chief said that after the details of Tosha Khana, there is nothing left against Imran Khan, Imran Khan has very good and competent lawyers, Imran Khan’s lawyers will give strong arguments regarding Tosha Khana, Adiala. There is peace in the prison, I eat at the right time and sleep at the right place and nowhere else, I live a good solitary life in the prison.

He said that there is no need to fear, jail is a peaceful place, Imran Khan’s arrest can prove in favor of Tehreek-e-Insaaf, as an activist I will stand with Imran Khan, provided PTI is led by Imran Khan. , I will not leave them. . Besides, the former interior minister said that the press conference of IG and Mohsin Naqvi was a cradle of lies, first he called Imran Khan a murderer, then he told the story of Darwish’s accident, if there is an explosion in Lahore, do it. People explode.


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