Friday, March 24, 2023
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India’s False Flag Operation Plan Revealed

The false flag operation plan of war-obsessed India has been revealed. Pakistan's intelligence agencies foiled India's heinous plan by taking timely action.

Intelligence agencies have obtained the entire script of Modi government’s new drama. A drama of alleged infiltration into Occupied Kashmir was prepared on Indian Republic Day.

A false flag operation was planned to be carried out by the Indian Army and Police in Occupied Kashmir. The false flag operation was planned in the Poonch sector of the Line of Control.

Pakistani intelligence agencies have also identified 3 key players in the Indian plan. Agent Bashir of India’s 93 Infantry Brigade, 2 associates Alam and Aslam are the main characters. Under the plan, Bashir has to employ some local people.

There was an attempt to enter Occupied Kashmir by planting bombs from Jashkwal, Azad Kashmir side. This action will be shown to fail near a mosque. Under the plan, the Indian Army and Police will also reveal fake findings.

DSP Prashanas is supervising the false flag operation. The plan is to stage a fake recovery by ambushing the troops of the Dogra Regiment of 93 Brigade.

The purpose of the operation is to make propaganda in the world by alleging infiltration in Occupied Kashmir, but the Pakistani intelligence agencies exposed the plan in advance and gave India a big shock.


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