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The arrest of Imran Riaz is Indeed Reprehensible

The arrest of Imran Riaz Khan is indeed reprehensible. There are no second opinions on this that freedom of the press within Pakistan has been questioned in every era. Similar incidents have taken place with Hamid Mir and Mati Ullah Jan in the past. But there is a clear difference between the arrests of Imran Riaz and the rest of these journalists.
Imran Riaz had kindly asked the Institute (Military’s Establishment ) that there are clear conspiratorial roles in the change of government in Pakistan.
Along with the question, Imran Riaz had sought clarification that the conspiratorial characters who were present in the change of government inside Pakistan should be punished according to the law. And elections should be held by accepting the demands of  PTI Chairman & Former Prime Minister Imran Khan. There is no doubt that the change of government inside Pakistan has taken place under a conspiracy. And if a person raises a question about it, it is according to his freedom of opinion that he can ask a question. Imran did not say anything that would question the integrity and stability of the organization, nor did he criticize it in a way that would cause personal harm to the organization or question its role. Imran had and is doing so in a very cheerful and methodical manner.
But the current fascist government, through its fascist methods, imprisoned Imran Riaz in a treason case, and registered at least more than forty self-styled FIRs. Now Imran Riaz has received more than 40 FIRs.
If Imran Riaz is acquitted of an FIR, then the police of other districts put him in jail, and this process has been going on for about three days. So far he has been honorably acquitted of three FIRs, but when he is honorably acquitted of one FIR, he is picked up by the SHO of another district.
It will do nothing but discredit Pakistan’s freedom of the press. And the message will go on and on, that inside Pakistan, journalists do not have the right to speak and express their opinions. Many organizations and organizations working to protect journalists are raising their voices globally for Imran Riaz. Imran Riaz Khan arrest has gained worldwide fame. And this is discrediting Pakistan. Pakistan’s message is that freedom of the press is not safe in Pakistan. We hope that the institutions of Pakistan and the present government of Pakistan will end all the cases of Imran Riaz as soon as possible and give him a chance to continue his speech in peace and tranquility. Sami Ibrahim, Arshad Sharif, Sabir Shaker etc., also faced FIRs in this same Government.

-Muhammad Ali Khan



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