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Fog levels, red and yellow alerts issued in the Emirates

Dubai (Shadesofgalaxy, Newspaper Latest, 2022-11-28) Fog is rising in different parts of the emirate. The government has declared it red and white. The Meteorological Department said most of Monday will remain cloudy and there is a red and white fog warning. A warning has been issued at sea.

According to the NCM report, at 16.30 hrs. Only northwest winds of 25 mph and waves up to 6 feet are possible in the bay. Some parts of the country may remain cloudy on Saturday evening and Wednesday morning.

The temperature in the area can reach 32 degrees.

The mercury will rise to 31 degrees in Abu Dhabi and 32 degrees in Dubai. However, the temperature dropped to 22 degrees in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and 13 degrees in the mountains. Humidity ranges from 45% to 85% in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Sea conditions in the Gulf of Oman are generally moderate to moderate.


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