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Assassination Attempt on Imran Khan, PTI started a Nationwide Protest

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has launched a nationwide protest after the assassination of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to the details, a protest was announced by the general secretary of PTI this afternoon after Friday prayers across the country in view of the murderous attack on Imran Khan, after which the workers expressed solidarity with Imran Khan at various places across the country. have come out on the streets while sloganeering in favor of the captain is also going on.

As Imran Khan Plans March, Pakistan's Political Crisis Deepens


After Imran Khan’s attack on Azdi March, the workers have come out on strikes on the protest call of Tehreek-e-Insaf.

PTI chief Imran Khan flags off 'real freedom' protest march at Lahore. Watch | Mint

Activists are protesting in Chanda Fort Bypass and Gondanwala Chowk, burning tires and blocking GT Road for all traffic and chanting slogans against the government.


Police and FC have been alerted in view of the protest on Faizabad Bridge, however, PTI workers have started gathering on Faizabad Murree Road while protest demonstration has been started on Murree Road.

However, the protestors were arrested by the FC and put in a detention van.


A large number of PTI workers have reached Shahrah Faisal while a large number of women are also participating in the protest.

Freedom struggle': Protests across country following Imran Khan's ouster - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

The police are trying to disperse the workers.


Like the rest of the country, the protest against the assassination of Imran is continuing in Fawara Chowk Hafizabad.

Imran Khan Warms to Pakistan's Military. His Political Fortunes Rise. - The New York Times

Protesters have blocked the roads, there is a rush of people in Pindi Pindi Bhatians, Jalalpur Bhatians and Hafizabad and have demanded the government to bring the real culprits to book.

Shatter down strike in Balochistan too

On the other hand, against the murderous attack on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, activists in Quetta blocked the road by burning tires near the coal gate. The protesters shouted slogans against the current government and the PDM alliance.

Later, President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Balochistan Qasim Khan Suri and General Secretary Munir Baloch and others said in a press conference that today is a dark day in the history of Pakistan. There will be a shutter-down strike while a protest rally will be held from Koila Phatak to Manan Chowk at 3 pm.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bar Council strike announcement

Besides, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bar Council announced a strike and said that lawyers will not appear in the courts across the province today.

PTI announces rally in Karachi on 17th - Pakistan - Business Recorder

The Bar Council strongly condemned the firing on March and said that even political leaders are not safe from open terrorism, the firing incident is a question mark on the security arrangements.

Declaration of holidays in private schools:

Looking at the situation in the city of Karachi, Chairman Private School Association Tariq Shah said in his statement that we have not announced a holiday for tomorrow on behalf of the association, the situation in the city is slightly better.

PTI protesters pour out onto streets nationwide

He said that the schools which feel that the conditions in their areas may deteriorate are free to decide.

Assassination attack on Imran Khan

It should be noted that during the long march in Wazirabad, Chairman PTI Imran Khan was injured in an assassination attack.

Imran Khan survives assassination attempt at PTI's long march

This incident of firing has been termed as a murderous attack on Imran Khan, in which Senator Faisal Javed has also been seriously injured while Hamid Nasir Chatha’s son Ahmed Chatta and Chaudhry Muhammad Yusuf have also been injured.

Due to the firing, Imran Khan got a bullet on his leg due to which he was slightly injured. The security personnel immediately moved Imran Khan to a safe place below inside the container.


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