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Ability of PML-N to use 2 options simultaneously to avoid dissolution of Punjab Congress

Lahore (Shadesofgalaxy latest newspaper. 30 November 2022) Tehreek-e-Insaf has announced to dissolve or withdraw the Punjab Assembly, the ruling coalition parties including Muslim League (N) have stopped the Muslim League (N) from dissolving the Punjab Assembly. gave So, you can use both options together. According to media reports, the Governor intends to take a vote of confidence from Punjab Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi on December 1.

After an hour or two, the AMPs will start casting a vote of no confidence. These instructions have been given by the party leadership. The Muslim League (N) urged its members to immediately contact Lahore regarding the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly. All the members will stay in the capital. province so far.

The Muslim League (N) leadership asked the party officials to contact the coalition members and the party leadership asked the independent members of the United Opposition Punjab Assembly to come to Lahore. PML-N leaders further said that if necessary, all the members can be asked to stay in the hotel.

After the announcement of the meetings, the government and the opposition intensified contacts with constitutional and legal experts. After the motion of no confidence in the Punjab Assembly and the dissolution of the assembly, the negotiation process regarding the powers of the Prime Minister is going on. According to the sources, during the negotiations, the section of the Governor’s Constitution was discussed. First, the Minister can express a vote of confidence.

According to the sources, the opposition alliance has started contacting the constitutional experts among themselves. According to the sources, the future meeting of the Punjab Parliamentary Party under the leadership of Imran Khan on Friday, December 2, has become important in the politics of Punjab. Muttahida League (Q) members will also attend the meeting and Imran Khan aims to conclude talks with constitutional experts on Friday.

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